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Maximum Hose Length Maximum Bend Radius HCS-PRO-TM16-125 1.25” (31.75 mm) 3/2 to 8/4 22k psi 1500 bar 53.5 lbs 24kg 23” X 27” X 15” Tall (584mm x 685mm x 381mm Tall) 30” 762mm One 8/4 @ 80ft (24m) or One 3/2 @ 300ft (91m) 8” 203mm HCS-PRO-M24-125 866-795-1586 • WWW.STONEAGETOOLS.COM 3. WARNING AND SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS …

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Calculating the Hose Length. The formula for calculating the bent section of the hose length around a radius is derived from the basic formula that the circumference of a circle = 2πR, where R = the radius of the circle, and π = a constant, = 3.142. So, if the hose goes around a 90˚ bend, which is 1 / 4 of a full circumference, and the

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Parker’s 801 general-purpose hose with Push-Lok Plus technology is a low-pressure, multipurpose synthetic rubber hose featuring Parker’s exclusive color-coding system. Suitable for use with a wide range of media, 801 hoses are compatible with petroleum-based hydraulic fluid and lubriing oils, pneumatic power, antifreeze, and, when coupled with HY Series fittings, …


hydraulic rubber hoses segment, with 12 plants and a worldwide presence spread across 20 countries. The Group has been providing top quality products for 60 years and it has always been known for its excellent technical department: a strong commitment to quality and control design that is reflected in the Group’s state-of-the-art product portfolio, which also includes fittings, …

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Offers extraordinary flexibility in terms of bending radius. Provides up to a 50% improvement in bending radius compared to SAE hose standards 100R12, 100R13, and 100R15. The required force-to-bend is also up to 40% lower than industry standards, so less force is needed to bring hoses into their final working position.

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Air Hose; Food Hose; Water Hose; Material Handling Hose; Petroleum & Oilfield Hose; Steam Hose; Chemical Hose; Mine Spray Hose ; About; Resources; Product alog. All egories > Hose, Couplings, Accessories and Skirtboard Products > Material Handling Hose > 4310 Gunite Hose > Item # 4310-0163-050. Item # 4310-0163-050, 1-5/8" I.D. 4310 Gunite Hose. Request …

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Minimum Bend Radius: The maximum amount to which a hose can be portion of it. GENERAL FORMULA Angle of bend ÷ 360 x 2πr = minimum length of hose to make bend r = given bend radius of hose π = approximately 3.14 Example: Static 90º bend with Codan 3304 with 12.7 mm ID r = 75 mm angle of bend = 90º 90 ÷ 360 x 2 x 3.14 x 330 = 518.1 mm 518.1 …

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Download our Industrial Hose, Couplings, Accessories & Skirtboard Product Guide This is your complete guide to our Industrial Hose Products. Use it to help you select the right hose for your appliion by selecting product specifiions including inside diameter, outside diameter, reinforcement plies, maximum working pressure at 68 o F, vacuum at 68 o F, weight, …


hose 161BL Air ducting UL 94 V2 Construction: Grey PVC - abrasion and ozone resistant Reinforcement: White shock resistant rigid PVC Use: Air, gas, fumes extraction. Air conditioning-ventilation Temperature:-10 °C +60 °C (+14 °F +140 °F) mm inch mm inch bar psi mm inch % kg/m lb/ft 20 13/16 20 0,75 50 0,130 0,087 25 1 25 1,00 50 0,170 0,115

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Air Hose Compressed Air PRESS N/R 10 PRESCORD N/R 20 Suitable for compressed air in a wide range of industrial appliions. PRESS N/L - NY/L 20 The most common hoses for compressed air and pneumatic systems in industrial appliions. MINIERA 10 - 15 - 20 - 25 - 40 Suitable for compressed air tools in factories. Designed for quarries, building and mining …

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INDUSTRIAL HOSE ALOG. Titan Industries is now part of Parker''s Industrial Hose Division. alog has not been replaced and part nuers remain the same at the time we went to press on this CD\r\rPlease call Goodyear Rubber Products to order products from this alog 1-866-71\

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maximum bending radius top quality air hose. GENERAL HOSE INFORMATION - Goodyear Rubber Products. bend radius is the maximum amount a hose can be bent without being kinked or damaged. General formula to determine bend length: Angle of Bend x 2πr = minimum length of hose to make bend 360° r = given bend radius of hose Example: to make a 90° …

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Standard draw bend radius is 2 x D. What that means is that if you have a tube OD (outside diameter) of 20 mm then the bend radius to choose, if you can, is 40 mm. It is possible to have a tighter bend radius, even as low as ½ x D, although anything below 2 x D will usually require costly tooling and probably mandrel bending.

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testing of the hose asselies. Bending the hose below the minimum bending radius leads to loss of mechanical strength and hence possible hose failure. A minimum straight length of 1,5 times the hose’s outside diameter (D) shall be allowed between the hose fitting and the point at which the bend starts. I.D. Size Inch mm DN-6 ⇒ 6/16 ⇒ 6

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Minimum Bend Radius Occurs at Offset Position The moving end is free to move “out of line” from neutral position. To find the live hose length: L = √6(RT) + T2 Lp = √L2 - T2 Minimum Bend Radius Occurs at In Line Position The moving end of the hose is restricted to move only up and down in line as the hose crosses neutral position.

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For fluoropolymer hose and all rubber hose the radius of a bent section of hose measured to the innermost surface of the curved portion (R1). For metal hose the radius of a bent section of hose measured to the hose centerline (R2). MINIMUM BEND RADIUS: The smallest radius at which a hose can be used. FORCE TO BEND: The amount of stress required to induce …


than standard minimum bend radius and greater flexibility for easier pluing . High pressure oil lines. Meets or exceeds the requirement of SAE 100R2AT. Sand performance requirements of EN 853 2SN. TUBE Black, oil resistant, synthetic rubber. Black, oil resistant, synthetic rubber. RAINFORCEMENT One braid of high-tensile steel wire. Two braids of high tensile steel wire …

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12. When measuring a hose for specific installation, it is important to remeer that the tangent point for hose bending is at the end of the hose nipple portion inside the hose. It is recommended to add a minimum of 6” to dimension ‘A’ shown below. Always keep the bend radius of the hose within the recommended dimensions published for

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maximum bending radius n scale air hoses. POWER CABLE INSTALLATION GUIDE - Anixter. NEC RECOMMENDED MINIMUM BENDING RADII a) Interlocked 7 b) Smooth Sheath - Max diameter 0.750 inches 10 - Max diameter 1.500 inches 12 - Diameter larger than 1.500 inches 15 c) Shielded Conductors 12/7* a) Diameter 1.0 inch or less 4 . Industrial Hose - Gates …


appliions involving diesel fuel / air brakes Black rubber with poyester textile outer cover for safe escape of entrapped air good bend radius for hose reels and into pipes 53 TPR7 General Purpose R7 General hydraulics, material handling, pneumatics, and agricultural equipment The original SAE 100R7 design with nylon tube and urethane cover. Economical 54 TPR7NC Non …

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Static-Control Firm Rubber Tubing for Air and Water. This tubing is soft enough to handle continuous bending and flexing, yet tough enough to resist tearing and abrasion. Hose is polyurethane so it stretches and flexes more than nylon retracting hose. Raw Materials. Get Price. PEX tubing technical specifiions and general Minimum recommended bending …

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conveyed, temperature, size, flexibility and bend radius, and weight. Appliion The first step in properly selecting a hose is to identify the appliion and material to be transferred. Then con-sider the hoses available for that type of service. Thorburn hoses are intended for specific appliions and materials.

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The use of an incompatible hydraulic fluid will deteriorate inner tube rubber or thermoplastic and the reinforcement (wire or yarn) resulting in the hose bursting or fitting blow-off. Avoid the usage exceeding the minimum bending radius. The usage of exceeding the minimum bending radius causes the hose burst. The usages that our products are not intended for. Avoid vacuum …

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It must be kept in mind that the expected bending radius in activity is higher than the minimum bending radius of the respective hose. If the radius is less than the minimum bending radius, the hose can kink, contract in the cross-section and even become flat. Thereby the reinforcements can come under excessive strain and may be distorted. This can reduce and …

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"Horizon Hose is an air and multipurpose hose. This air hose has a Versigard synthetic rubber, which is equivalent to EPDM, Ethylene Propylene Diene. We stock this hose with the black cover and red cover. Yellow, green, and blue are also available per cus: Material: Versigard Synthetic Rubber, RMA Class C (limited oil resistance) Max Temp (°F

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Browse Item # HTG1100-025X25, HTG1100 Series 1.00 in. Min. Inside Bend Radius Galvanized Flexible Floppy Guard Interlocked Metal Hose in the Kuriyama of America, Inc. alog including Item #,Item Name,Description,Construction,Max Service Temperature

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The bend radius (calculated in a lab environment, appliions may vary) is measured as the distance to the inside edge of the hose (not the center line) when making a 90° bend. When bent at too sharp an angle, the reinforcement may be unduly stressed or distorted, thereby shortening the hose life. Textile reinforced hoses have a tendency to kink as the bend radius is reduced. …

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superior wear performance of Linatex® premium rubber, has rightly won our mining hose a reputation for its outstanding reliability. Typical Physical Properties NOMINAL BORE TYPICAL WEAR LINER THICKNESS WORKING PRESSURE BEND RADIUS mm in mm in kPa mm ft 50 2 6 ¼ 400 1.31 75 3 6 ¼ 600 1.97 100 4 6 ¼ 800 2.62 125 5 6 ¼ 1000 3.28 150 6 6 ¼ …

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The Goodyear Engineered Products Insta-Grip 250 green rubber multipurpose air hose is manufactured for use with push-on fittings at working pressures up to 250 psi. Its tube is made of Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) Class A Chemivic (Buna-N-Vinyl) for high oil resistance, which means that its volume will change a maximum of +25% and it will retain a …

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Minimum Bend Radius: 2.5 - 9.1 inch, 65 to 230 mm Minimum Operating Temperature: -40 °C, -40 °F Weight: 0.09 - 0.31 lb/ft, 0.13 - 0.46 kg/m