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Multi-abrasive appliion. Blast with abrasives of any particle size including glass beads/grit, expendable abrasives and sponge. Easy to operate. The MM hydro pot requires very little setting. Eliminate up to 95% of dust. Improve health and safety by reducing the risk of inhaling dust and softening deflected particulate matter. Visible water

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Orifice (mm) (standard size) 10: Blast Hose ID (mm) 32: Blast Hose Length (mtr) 10: Recommended Air HoseID (mm) 32: Approx. Cleaning Rate (sq.Mtr/hour) 15-19: Compressed Air Requirement (M /min) 7.1: Recommended Abrasive size …


blast hose, the abrasive is guided to the nozzle (item 11). Simoultaneously the cycle timer (item 18) is supplied with control air, and periodically pressurizes and depressurizes the upper chaer (how the cycle timer works see chapter 3.3). When the upper chaer is pressurized, both chaers have the same pressure level. The pop-up valve of the lower chaer opens, and …

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For use on Blast hoses (15 mm to 60 mm) OD; HF SCA-2 cable suits hoses 2" to 3½" For use on blast and bull air hoses (45 mm to 90 mm) OD; Whip Checks restrains hoses in the even of a failure or accidental disconnection; The post Safety Whipcheck for Hose Connections appeared first on Abrasive Sand Blasting Spray Equipment Cost Buy Hire.

Elcometer 1" (25mm) ID 12bar (174psi) Blast Hose Extension

Elcometer 1" (25mm) ID 12bar (174psi) Blast Hose Extension Product Description Product Range Technical Specifiion Downloads Available in 10 or 20m lengths with a maximum working pressure of 12bar (174psi) and a 3 times safety margin, the following blast hose extensions have an internal diameter of 1” (25mm) and are ideal for when your blast hose is …


blasting hose that extended to the target surface. Nozzle E was inferior to nozzle B and nozzle A in terms of blasting width (in mm): exit when the abrasive size was less than 0.5 mm. These results may be attributed to the relatively rapid converging angle (9.3 de-grees) of Nozzle A against that (7.8 degrees) of Nozzle B (Fig. 5 and Table 2). That is, it can be postulated that …

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disc, metal cutting, 125 x 1 x 22mm, a60 mega inox, pferd quantity

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Abrasive Blast System: Unit Type: Mid-sized Unit: Water Tank Type: No Water Tank: Wet Weight (lb) 900: Air Inlet Size (cm) 3.81: Air Inlet Size (mm) 38.1: Air Inlet Thread Type: NPT: Blast Hose Coupler 1 Material: Brass: Blast Hose Inside Diameter (cm) 2.54: Blast Hose Inside Diameter (mm) 25.4: Blast Hose Length (m) 30: Compatible Abrasives

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Actual efficiency increase/ decrease will vary depending on abrasive type and size, blast nozzle type, size and wear, hose sizes and wear, temperature, moisture content of compressed air, etc. Use a abrasive wet or dry blast nozzle pressure gauge to measure air pressure at the nozzle. Make allowance for increased air consumption due to sandblast nozzle wear, air leaks, …

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1. /. 2. ” (13mm) Pressure Relief Valve. Product Description Product Range Spare Parts Downloads. Pressure relief valves must be incorporated into the blast machine system to meet global safety standards. Elcometer’s certified pressure relief valves can be easily fitted to the air manifold which is fitted to the RCV4000+ remote control valve.

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Nozzle Size ¼” (6 mm) ” (8 mm) ” (10 mm) ” (11 mm) ½” (13 mm) CFM at 100 psi 103 158 229 312 407 Air Hose ID – minimum 25 mm (1”) 38 mm (1 ½”) 38 mm (1 ½”) 50 mm (2”) 50 mm (2”) Blast Hose ID – minimum 20 mm (¾”) 25 mm (1”) 32 mm (1 ¼”) 32 mm (1 ¼”) 38 mm (1 ½”) Blast Nozzle Pressure Approximate Abrasive Velocity Approximate Efficiency Factor 100 psi

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Blast Hose. Blast hose that is continously carrying a fierce blast stream has to be durable and safe. Available in 10 or 12 bar safe working pressure and utilising static-dissipating materials. Hodge Clemco blast hose (including the industry standard ‘Supa’ hose) provides both durability and safety with confidence. Available in the following sizes: Abrasive Blast Hoses – 12bar; …

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Whether you need 10 feet or 200 feet, 2 ply or 4 ply, Blue Dog Blasting is prepared to ship the blast hose you need the same day your order is placed! Our abrasive blast hoses are top notch with working psi''s of 217 and 290. Need more sandblasting hose? Call for our LTL rates! Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

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Contractor Abrasive Blast Machines; Aerolyte Nonagressive-Media Blast Machines. Pool Pal: 1-cuft Blast Machine; Soft King; Bulk Blast Machines—Big Clems. Bulk Blast Machine Upgrades and Options ; WetBlast Flex Product Page. Power Gun H2O; Wetblast Attachment; ZERO BNP Wetblast Cabinets. ZERO® BNP 250 Wetblast Cabinet; ZERO BNP 260 Wetblast Cabinet; …

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Blast Hose ID (mm) 19: 25: 32: Blast Hose Length (meter) 10: 10: 10: Recommended Air Hose ID (mm) 19: 25: 32: Approx. Cleaning Rate (Sq. Mtr./ Hour) For Guidance Only: 5 to 9: 11 to 15: 15 to 19 : Compressed Air Requirement at 5.63 Kg./ Sq. Cm. (80 psi) Cubic meter/ minute (CFM) 2.41 (85) 3.85 (135) 7.08 (250) Recommended Abrasive Size Range BS Mesh: 25 to 80: 16 …

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12 mm: 0 mm-0.043 mm: 10.5 mm: Male: Stream: 0.2" 0.41" 0.1" M5: Acetal Plastic: Stainless Steel: 7.6: 150: 160° 000000: 000000: 00000: 15 mm: 0 mm-0.043 mm: 9 mm

EcoQuip 2 EQc Dual Line ATEX System

Air Inlet Size (cm) 5.08: Air Inlet Size (mm) 50.8: Air Inlet Thread Type: NPT: Blast Hose Coupler 1 Material: Brass: Blast Hose Coupler 1 Type: Nozzle Holder: Blast Hose Inside Diameter (mm) 31.75: Blast Hose Length (m) 15: Compatible Abrasives: Garnet, Crushed Glass, Coal Slag, Glass Beads, Plastic, Walnut Shells, Baking Soda: Configuration

2. Selecting the Dolly Diameter and Gauge

When testing coating adhesion using a pull-off adhesion gauge, there are a range of dolly sizes and gauge types to choose from - and your appliion will affect the dolly or gauge you choose. Whilst a 20mm diameter dolly is most commonly used to test coating adhesion on most substrates, there are different sized dollies for different appliions.

Sandblasting nozzle bore size chart with minimum nozzle

Use The Chart Below To Find Your Minimum Nozzle Bore Size For Different Blasting Grits: 3060 grit = Minimum nozzle bore size of 1/8″. 2040 = Minimum nozzle bore size of 3/16″. 16/20, 1240 = Minimum nozzle bore size of 1/4″. As a general rule, your nozzle orifice should be 3 times the size of the grit, MINIMUM.

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Both modifiions are made to increase the size of the blast pattern and minimize the loss of abrasive velocity. Wide throat nozzles (Figure 1, Nuer 5) feature a large entry throat and a large diverging exit bore. When matched with the same sized hose they can provide a 15% increase in productivity over nozzles with a smaller throat. When wide throat nozzles also …

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If cheaper abrasive blasting hose has been made from recycled rubber, For use on Blast hoses (15 mm to 60 mm) OD; HF SCA-2 cable suits hoses 2" to 3½" For use on blast and bull air hoses (45 mm to 90 mm) OD; View Product Details. Web price i. Please sign in to your account to see your pricing, which may be different from the price displayed. $ 9.84 - $ 13.68. …

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7 LITRE PERFORMANCE ABRASIVE BLAST POT Model ABS7 “Auto Exhaust” PERFORMANCE Blast Pot Pot Capacity 7L (0.25 ft3) Pot Diameter 150mm Pot Height 890mm Piping Diameter 15mm (1/2") Hose Length 5m Garnet Capacity 16kg Maximum Operating Pressure 125 psi (8.6 BAR) Automatic Exhaust Valve Operation ABRASIVE BLAST …

IBIX EASY BLAST 25 - Sand Blasting Equipment & Abrasives

• Micrometric abrasive dosing with precise adjustment • Includes 10m blast hose with protective sheath blast gun with 5.5mm (”) blast nozzle, funnel and water injection attachment HT IBIX25 IBIX 25 Portable Blaster (comes with 25’ hose) Capacity 25 liter, approximately 55kg Garnet Air Consumption 53 cfm with 5.5mm (”) Nozzle Dimensions 940mm high x 450mm diameter …

AB1020 EP - Airblast

Max. abrasive size in mm. 1.0 Vacuum blasting machine AB1020 EP Delivery includes: - the complete blasting unit - 5 m blast hose set consisting of a blast gun with BC blast nozzle - grit supply hose - 2” vacuum hose - 5 meter of electricity cable incl. plug - 3 standard brushes (brush flat, brush 90° inner corner and brush 90° outer corner) - operator’s manual - export …

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Compression Fitting Spanner - 16569 - Keys, Spanners & Sockets. 15mm and 22mm Compression Fitting Spanner. £2.28 £1.90. Qty.


12113 ExtraBlast-25 · Abrasive Blast Hoses 25x39, roll 20м 12114 ExtraBlast-32 · Abrasive Blast Hoses 32x48, roll 20м 12309 CQP-0 · · Nylon hose coupling, for hose diameter 13 x 27 mm 12301 CQP-1 · Nylon hose coupling, for hose diameter 25 x 39 mm 12302 CQP-2 · Nylon hose coupling, for hose diameter 32 x 48 mm 12209 NHP-0 · · Nylon nozzle holder, for hose …

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The blast hoses are available in different lenghts. Questions or more information required about the product ''COI73: remote control in option''? Contact us. One-hose nozzles • High performance nozzles for any circumstances • Changed within second: no tools required • Models: round, flat, angled, custom made • Length: from 55 mm up to 1 m and more • Available in …


The blast media type, shape, size, density, and hardness, along with media acceleration and volume of media, coined with blasting distance from the workpiece, angle of impact and time cycles are important factors in the blast process capabilities. The blasting equipment is produced to deliver, reclaim and contain the media, contain the part to be blasted and collect the dust …

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Size: Cleaning Rate: 5 mm: 4-7 Sq. Mtr /Hr: 6 mm: 5-9 Sq. Mtr /Hr: 8 mm: 9-12 Sq. Mtr/ Hr: 10 mm: 15-21 Sq. Mtr/ Hr : Tungsten Carbide Nozzle. Tungsten carbide nozzle is available in different sizes according to the requirement. In sand blasting machine compressed air is used. Compressed air is mixed with blasting media and form a jet of high velocity with pressure for …