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13/12/2015· Vestal and Bridge conclude that a minimum initial fire flow of 160 gpm is needed in 1 ¾-inch hose and based on kinks that reduce attained nozzle pressure on the fire ground they recommend a 15/16-inch smooth bore tip. This is a logical choice even though the 15/16-inch smooth bore tip is rated at 185 gpm at 50 psi, as a few kinks and or poor line management can …

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Jet Spray Nozzle. Berbagai macam tipe jet spray nozzle pemadam kebakaran, Nozel selang kebakaran adalah salah satu peralatan yang dirancang khusus yang meerikan jumlah air yang optimal pada tingkat tekanan tertentu. Ada berbagai nozel dalam berbagai bentuk dan ukuran. Namun, pada dasarnya pengoperasian mereka semua sama, menggunakan katup penutup …

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Fire signs are used to indie the loion of fire alarms and fire-fighting facilities. This red fire sign features the text fire hydrant and hose reel in large, bold letters, below a large pictogram of a fire hydrant. Select the sign size and material you require from the dropdown menu above.

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Fire Hose Nozzles. Akron Brass firefighting nozzles have been in existence since the early 1900’s. Since then, we’ve been designing and manufacturing a variety of specialized firefighting handline nozzles to support fire and rescue, industrial, marine, mining, forestry and wildland appliions. From straight stream to fog patterns, smooth

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DetailsThese lightweight firefighting nozzle tips are constructed with anodized aluminum for use in wildland and structure firefighting appliions. It is available with 1″ and 1.5″ inlets in either NH or NPSH threads. Available in NPSH or NH ThreadAnodized Aluminum constructionTip sizes: 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″1/2 lb.Made in the U.S.A.

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9/12/2021· 1 1/2" smooth bore red polycarbonate nozzle. National Hose (NH) aka National Standard Thread (NST) is often referred to as “fire hose thread” as this is by far the most common thread in use today by fire departments. How we conducted our nozzle testing.

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Type: Teflon - Smoothbore Hose Description: Smoothbore hose comprises a straight PTFE tube liner and a stainless steel outer braid, and is the basic PTFE hose design being used successfully in many automotive and general-purpose appliions. Aflex hose supply a range of sizes and options, including plastic or rubber outer covers over the braid, printed if required.

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For those fire departments using both smooth bore and fog nozzles, the multipurpose nozzles certainly are the best choice. It is not necessary to have so many different types of nozzles on the fire truck if nozzle operators can change the flow patterns with a turn of the bumper: smooth bore, narrow fog, and wide fog all-in-one.

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"fire hydrant/hose reel installation" means an installation of pipes, water tanks, pumps, hydrant outlets and/or hose reels in a building to provide a ready means by which a jet of water can be delivered in any part of the building for the purposes of fire fighting; "fixed fire pump" means a permanently primed pump set between the reserve source of water supply and the various …

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31/1/2020· A standard fire hydrant has two 2.5 inch- hose connection nozzles with 7.5 threads per inch, and one 4.5 inch-pumper connection nozzle with 4 threads per inch. The hose connection nozzle, compared to the pumper connection nozzle, has a lower discharge pressure and can be used directly to fight fires. Which is a common size of hydrant outlet? Most fire …

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Snapshot. BIC Branch Pipe Plastic Director. HBPBICP. . BIC inlet Outlet 38mm removable BSP fixed nozzle 12mm 12mm nozzle orifice inner diameter 38mm BSP inlet/nozzle thread 65mm BIC outlet thread. Compare. Snapshot. Branch Pipe - Aluminium - BIC Inlet Thread. HBPBICA.

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Smooth bore nozzles also use the lowest engine pump pressures, allowing for maximum reach. Smooth bore nozzles are often referred to as solid bore nozzles because they produce a solid stream to provide maximum reach and penetration to the seat of the fire. Featured Smooth, or Solid Bore Fire Nozzles


Gun metal hydrant valve, RRL hose and gunmetal branch pipe will be accommodated in a aluminium hose box mounted on brick pedestals. 1.8.8. The Internal Hydrant System (Wet Risers) shall be provided at points as indied on the drawing on each floor. 4 1.8.9. The hydrant point shall be directly tapped from the Riser pipes, and shall be furnished with required …

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3/12/2021· The hose needs to go directly from the hydrant to the fire. Anything other than a straight hose and a kink could form, reducing water flow and impeding the ability to fight the fire.

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Fire hydrant, hose reel and booster systems are an essential safety measure. They give fire-fighters access to a controlled supply of water and access for the occupiers to select and use the appropriate size and type of fire extinguisher for the hazard intended. Total Fire Solutions specialise in the design, installation and commissioning of all fixed and portable fire …

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Fire Australia Co Pty Ltd offers broad range of Fire Hydrant Risers, Fire Hydrant Fittings, Fire Hydrant Valves, Fire Hydrant Risers Pipe, Fire Hose Reels, Hydrant Boosters, Fire Cabinets of best quality. Call: (03) 9764 0020 for more information about any fire protection equipment. Contact Info. Address Fire Australia Co. Pty. Ltd. 47, Rushdale St. Knoxfield, VIC-3180 . …

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Connecting the pumper to the hydrant with a soft suction hose was described in Chapter 12, Fire Hose. However, not all hydrants have large steamer outlets capable of accepting direct connections from soft intake hose. Operations on hydrants equipped with two 21⁄2-inch (65 mm) outlets require the use of two 21⁄2-or 3-inch (65 mm or 77 mm) hoselines (Figure 13.7, p. 594). …

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17/12/2021· This nozzle will only connect to a 2.5" NH / NST hose. Bottom Tip - 1 1/4" orifice @ 415 GPM. Middle Tip - 1 1/8" orifice @ 336 GPM. Top Tip - 1" orifice @ 265 GPM. Print this page. Description. Specifiions. Smooth bore 2 1/2" swivel NH / NST inlet by 1 1/2" male NH outlet triple stack tip nozzle that has a durable axial play pipe

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hose (between the hydrant and the engine) and hose to supply attack lines (between the engine and the nozzle). It is carried on Engine Companies and has a 4” male inlet that branches off to three 2 ½” male threads. Each outlet has a separate gated valve. PHOTO 1.11 Tri-Gated Wye. 10 Seattle Fire Department Chapter 1 • Equipment Hydrant Gate A Hydrant Gate is a gated …


There are many varying standards and appliions for Layflat Fire Hydrant Hoses. All of our hoses are made to specific order and configured to meet your requirements. The options include length of hose assely, diameter of the hose required (usually 65mm for Lay flat fire hoses), type of fitting on each end - such as BIC Male / Strorz 65 / FBT etc and type of pipe …


the fire service. The “Q” Formula Hand Lines Supply Lines Hose size Friction Loss Formula Hose size Friction Loss Formula 1 ½” 24Q² 3” Hose Q² 1 ¾” 12Q² 3 ½” Hose Q² ÷ 3 2” 6Q² 4” Hose Q² ÷ 5 2 ½” 2Q² 5” Hose Q² ÷ 15 ¾” Booster 1100Q² 1” Forestry 150Q² ESTIMATING SQUARES For the purposes of pump calculations, the square of any nuer that includes

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ORG 5: Hydrants and hose length 1. Intent A fire hydrant system should be installed in a building, or on site, to provide firefighters with a quickly available suitable water supply (quantity, flow and pressure). 2. Operational Requirement The FES Commissioner requires the following: i. the nuer, loion and protection requirements of hydrants as detailed in Australian …

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fire hydrant may not be suitable for certain minor residential developments. Developments should therefore offer either equivalent water supply provisions for firefighting, or an alternative water source to assist with fire suppression activities. Unclassified . p6 . Fire safety guideline. Fire hydrants for minor residential development . Version 02 . . …

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As a global manufacturer of fire fighting equipment and more, Akron Brass designs and manufactures products that meet the demands of the industry and help you perform your job safely and efficiently. Whether you need fire nozzles, fire fighting valves, monitors or the latest technology in vehicle electronics, Akron Brass has a large selection to meet your unique …

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smoothbore fire hydrant hose FireHoseDirect 13/10/2021· 13/10/2021· These smooth bore tips are a great option for ball shutoff nozzles and give quick availability to increase tip size quickly and effectivly.NH or NST: National hose or national standard thread is often referred to as fire hose thread as this is by far the most common thread in use today by fire departments.

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We can advise on Fire Hose Reel and Hydrant Regulations and other Statutory requirements for buildings to comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), relevant Australian Standard, or other regulations. Available in Stainless Steel Engraved, Stainless Steel With VInyl Lettering, Allupanel with Vinyl Lettering. 450 x 75 - White Allupanel With Black Vinyl Lettering 450 x 75 - …

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Upgrading to the Advanced or Premium kits adds a fire hydrant flow nozzle with 2-1/2″ National Standard Thread/National Hose (NST/NH). These 6″ nozzles straighten streams with a smooth-bore tube for high-accuracy readings at pressures between 10 and 56 PSI. The Premium kit also offers gauges that are: Easier to read with 3.2″ (instead of 2-1/2″) dials; NIST (National …

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connected to a fire hydrant system. Each fire hose reel main isolating valve shall be secured in the open position by a padlocked metal strap (or device) and have an engraved, non-ferrous metal tag attached. The tag must have the text shown in the diagram below in upper case lettering, at least 8 mm tall. Page 4 of 6 Materials used in fire service installations Galvanised …

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As the term “smooth bore” literally means, these nozzles have a clear passage through which water can flow smoothly; therefore, they don’t get clogged by debris as easily as other types of nozzles. When used on handlines, the smooth bore nozzles can produce solid streams at a nozzle pressure of 50 pounds per square inch (psi). There are two variants of smooth bore …


Hydrant Valves, Hoses & Fittings Approved to Australian Standard AUS 2419.2 , our range of hydrant valves , hoses and fittings are suitable for all states in Australia. Soliciting ideas and specifiions from fire authorities, hydraulic consultants, installation experts and government departments, Firex products have been designed to fit specific appliions across many …